Gruziński toast Janka



Gruziński toast

Gruziński toast Janka...
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In the event of unusual circumstances, and then by setting the specific reasons for fault analysis algorithm, fault codes stored in the system's ECU memory lane, and began to run the appropriate functions and implementing measures faulty modules (such as fault indicator / fault warning tone / Mb star c3Auto stop corresponding function), reminding failure to repair shop car repair and technical maintenance personnel can use automated equipment to read the fault code and accurate fault diagnosis and eliminate the problems.

(B) of vehicle control protocol used in the current national depot vehicle control protocols are the following: CAN / MOST / LIN / FlexRay's? ISO/VPW/PWN/KWP2000? Other vehicles used digital / analog control signal dedicatedMost Taiwan's new automobiles and ISO protocol agreement in the old KWP protocol,Mercedes Star c3 which is part of the Ministry of Science and relatively new / advanced Japanese / European vehicles are also used to the CAN bus protocol (VAG's Audi / VW B6, Mazda 6, etc.), ELM327 USB, the stars and the next generation of FlexRay protocol. CAN bus protocol is also frequently used to automate industrial control systems (such as temperature control / air conditioning control elevators, etc.). Generally below the steering wheel and pedals have a margin between the J1962 16PIN diagnostic socket (Fig. 3), so you can OBD2 connection cable (as shown in Figure 2), the connection socket 16 PIN J1962, please read ECU data. Currently car computer diagnostic equipment can be divided into 2 types:

1. Universal handheld diagnostic equipment: only read / clear error codes, error code will be displayed on the LCD PXXX strings, error codes read out to turn off manual control.BMW GT1 Does not offer many features. PC version: Connect your computer to use a graphical display. For most vehicle ECU engine monitoring, data analysis and recording of dynamic data agreement, read / clear error codes. Including VIN code reading, engine speed, vehicle speed, engine temperature, load, air flow, oxygen sensor, Tenants Purchase Scheme and other relevant information. For vehicles and more.

2. Special diagnostic device type? In addition to the engine, but also includes ABS / equipment / gear / Airbag / comfort essential / POST / login. BMW GT1 DISMost of these agreements is the physical layer / data link layer protocol, the protocol needs to match (eg SAE1979), (three) Product Description This product is a universal top quipment, support OBDII-ISO 9141-2 / ISO 14230 - 4 ( KWP2000) / J1850 VPW/J1850 PWN / CAN ISO-15765-4 protocol, using public version of the ELM327 V1 decoder IC design, ELM327 help us deal with the underlying (Layer1/Layer2 a) and upper (application layer) communication, therefore, ignore the complex communication protocols, as long as the AT commands have found, can be quickly applied to software development, program development....123